School Me 108 -- Pat Craven

Welcome to 2017! This is the first episode of the New Year and I thought it would be fitting to tackle something that has been lurking in the the shadows for quite a while now but has been popping up more and more on our radars recently; cyber security and safety. We worry about our environment, or the next WWIII when the "Cyber War" is here and is only going to get more ferocious. So how can we prepare? Do we bunker up and just vow to never get on the internet ever again? Pat Craven, the Director for the Center of Cyber Safety and Education, sits down with me and gives us some really basic tips that can keep unwanted visitors from getting a glimpse into our private cyber world. 

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Intro Song: "Motherboard " by Daft Punk
Outro Song: "Derezzed" by Daft Punk
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