School Me 110 -- James McQuiggan

If you had to choose, like Anakin Skywalker, to use your powers for good or become a menace with the Dark Side, which would you pick? It's tough, because Anakin never intended to join the Dark Side, but certain events and persuasion forced his hand. I love the phrase, "the road to Hell is paved on good intentions," because no one really is trying to be a bad person. People just get caught up in the madness and bad decisions they make can lead them down the wrong path. The same can be said for hackers. While one might think what they're doing is wrong, from their perspective, they're doing right. But James McQuiggan, who is part of the cyber security team at Siemens, unveils a troll whose only pleasure is your displeasure, well and money of course. It's all the difference in either restoring balance to the force or being the most notorious menace in all the galaxy! 

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Intro Song: "New York City Rage Fest" by Kid Cudi
Outro Song: "Why We Dream" by Fat Jon
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