School Me 111 -- Mike Sutton

Don't be mad because you don't have a Valentine on this made up holiday, so card companies could sell more "holiday cards." Even if you don't agree with what the day stands for, you have to admit it does one thing extremely well, even if it is for only one day: it promotes the spreading of love. Spreading love doesn't have to only extend to your significant other. Love can be expressed through compassion. Volunteering and helping others less fortunate is a great way to show this compassion but it also makes you feel a little good inside. Mike Sutton, CEO of Habitat For Humanity of Pinellas County, opens up about the inner workings of the non-profit, that helps spread love and provide smiles for less fortunate families year round.  

If you want to volunteer go to or if you live somewhere else can help you find a facility near you. 

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