School Me 113 -- Michelle Imperato

I fall victim to this too, but why when we see someone on T.V. we automatically assume they were "given" that position or they didn't "really" work for it? I guess it comes with the territory of being on television. Everyone thinks they know exactly who you are and just how you got to that position after a quick Google search. But, WESH 2 News anchor Michelle Imperato, might open your eyes to how difficult it is to reach the pinnacle when it comes to being on air talent. She may reap a lot of benefits now, but that's after YEARS of hard work, dedication, and fully immersing herself into her profession. Not mention she still gets the occasional creep here and there! 

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Intro Song: "A2 - Approach" by Imbue
Outro Song: "B2 - Esper" by Imbue
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