School Me 120 -- Bryan Estefani

If you are a beat-freak, who constantly wants to listen to good and new music, this is the episode for you. Whether you are trying to be the life of the party or just want some casual background music to study to, Tech House is the perfect combination of both. Centralized more on the rhythmic beats, with heavy bass, and minimal sounds and vocals, this type of sound is unique to the ear and is becoming more popular in clubs and lounges. Bryan Estefani lives to make your feet move. An artist on Descend Records, Estefani's "Highly Influenced" EP incapsulates the heart of Tech House.  

Listen to the rest of "Highly Influenced" by searching his name, Bryan Estefani on his SoundCloud. 

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Intro Song: "Dubalub" by Bryan Estefani
Outro Song: "Rebound" by Bryan Estefani
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