School Me 122 -- Reyna Noriega


How do you define success? That was the reason I embarked on this journey, to begin with. Some say it's money or power, but what about happiness? How come we don't measure how successful someone is by how bright they smile? Success, I've learned is following your passion and to not let anything stop you from pursuing that passion. Money, power, and whatever you desire will come with it (usually). I'm becoming more interested on just the beautiful minds that I am surrounded by. Even though they might not fit your definition of success, they are well on their way to living a successful and fulfilling life. Reyna Noriega is definitely on the launching pad. She is a high school teacher, who teaches Digital Art and Coding, and who runs the National Art Honor Society and art club. She also dazzles with her photography, writing, and styling skills. 

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